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The CPR Marker Google Map & CPRA Guidebook Links are Shown Below.

Much more to come here - Historical maps and an enhanced version of our "Markers Along the Crown Point Road" Google Map Integrated with Guidebook Information...

In the meantime, while we are working on this project, you can access the same information at the following links:

Markers Along the Crown Point Road on Google Maps can be Found Here

Our Essential Guidebook - Markers Along the Crown Point Road Can be Found Here


Quite a lot of work, but I think it will be a great resource for you when it's done!


During the years of its existence The Crown Point Road Association has amassed a considerable archive of historical information, early and pertinent maps, and many other articles of interest relating to the Crown Point Road. Since the Association has no central permanent location, arrangements have been made with the Middlebury College Library to be the repository for our archives as a part of their Vermont Collection. Librarian Hans Raum is in charge of our material and he has made recent progress for indexing the Association archives. Click on the link above to review the indexed archives and follow the contact information listed in order to make arrangements for further study of the cataloged materials. A great resource for further research.

The Vermont Collection at the Middlebury College Library is the repository for articles of interest pertaining to the history of the Crown Point Road. The Crown Point Road Association archives have been cataloged and links to PDF versions of the indexes are shown below. Indexes for the papers of key Crown Point Road Association Historians; Flora Weeks, Barbara Jones, Al Ransom, and Sanborn Partridge are available. The materials in these archives have not been posted online by the Middlebury College Library.