Posted by Jim Purdy on February 10, 2018

New Website – New Blog Moderator, Please Welcome Her!

You may have noticed that our website has undergone a major overhaul recently and, in fact, we are still working on completing that overhaul along with adding new content. Our original website, which first went live in 2006, was built with software which is now 15 years old. Our Milestones Blog had always been built on the WordPress platform, so I figured that it made sense to rebuild our entire website in the same manner.
One year later, I think we are almost there. The Crown Point Road Association website has been re-tooled to be fully responsive and should function on the full range of devices available (although we still have some bugs to work out).
In order to fully reboot the CPRA website, one of the most important aspects was to revive the Milestones Blog. Our web presence has grown to the point that I can’t do it all by myself anymore, so I have handed over the administration of the CPRA Blog to Whitney Christie. Whitney currently serves as Treasurer of the CPRA and her husband Dale is also on the Board of Directors for the Association. Together, they both work hard to bring new energy to the Association and we all appreciate their involvement.
Whitney is well experienced in website and blog development and I expect a seamless transition accordingly. I will remain as the website administrator and plan to move forward on developing a more useful and interactive map utility for the website as my first project. Welcome Whitney, I’m glad you’re here.
Jim Purdy, CPRA Website Administrator

Posted by Jim Purdy on February 10, 2018

Hi there! My name is Whitney, and I am the new Milestones Blog Moderator

(Original Post by Whitney Christie)

In July 2017, I helped our team to put up a new sign marking the underpass at I91 in Springfield, VT.  The old sign had rotted some years ago and finally fell over to become part of the earth’s own history (soil).  It was definitely in need of replacement.  Our Secretary, Dale, took it upon himself to see that the sign got made.  Then our fearless leader, Jim Rowe, got a pile of us together to hike in and install it.  What is the history behind this sign?  Well, the state built the underpass in 1965 to preserve that section of the Crown Point Road and allow people to continue to (safely) walk it.  Shows how important this historical road was, and still is.

Other outings last year included a bus trip to Strawbery Banke as well as a long hike to explore a section of Sudbury that included Willowbrook Cemetery, Miller Spring, and Cold Spring.  We have been discussing LIDAR maps and how they pertain to tracing the Crown Point Road.    Also, marking the point of origin for 29 cannons haulted from Crown Point to Boston in 1775-1776, there was a dedication of a new bronze plaque up at Crown Point, NY at the Crown Point State Historical Site.  I didn’t go, but I heard Tom Hughes gave a great speech!  Let’s see, what else… Oh, and we did set up shop at the Calvin Coolidge State Historical Site as well, with a life-size foam reproduction of one of our granite markers.

Stay tuned for February’s release of our 2018 Calendar of Events!